Joana’s 1-85 Horde Leveling Cataclysm Guide

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Joana’s World is the best horde leveling Cataclysm guide for people who are tired of grinding levels, looking up how to do quests and trying to figure out the right ways to level up to 85 in under 2 weeks

You will get impressive full 35 hour videos on every leveling area and exact order of the quests that you can watch, learn and use in your World of Warcraft. Overall, no other World of Warcraft guide features such informative videos that show you the entire process in such exact details. 

So if you are prepare breakthrough the Horde ranks and become a solidweight in Azeroth, you can be certain that with Joana’s 1-85 Horde Leveling Guide you will conquer the World of Warcraft much faster than ever before! 

Team iDemise In-Game Leveling Guide
Latest Team iDemise In-Game Leveling Guide was created by a group of professional gamers with combined efforts to find the most efficient way to level in WoW. Team iDemise has the fastest 1-85 time in the World – In 6 days 5 hours

Team iDemise In-Game Leveling Cataclysm Guide is available for both Horde and Alliance. Load it, bring up your in-game map, and you’ll see step 1, step 2, etc for every zone. Follow their path, which includes plenty of notes and remarks, and you should hit 85 very quickly. 

Unique guide system, you can actually view it within World Of Warcraft as you play so that you don’t have to alt+tab everytime you want to read the next step

The step-by step instructions is not only telling you which quests you need to complete, but what order to do them and which quests to skip completely. Team iDemise In-Game Leveling Guide is obsessively detail-oriented!

Brian Kopp’s 1-85 Alliance Leveling Guide
Written by professional gamer, Brian Kopp’s 1-85 Cataclysm Guide for Alliance can help out those of you (new or pro) who want to get to 85 easier and faster (takes only 9 days!). If you need info about quests you don’t know or need help finding, where to go and what to avoid or are new and want to learn the game without all the trouble, Brian Kopp’s Guide is right choice! 

With a starting guide for Humans, Night Elves, Gnomes, Dwarf and Draenei, Brian Kopp’s Guide also gives you…

  • Step-by-step instructions from 1-85 “Set In Stone” route with links to every quest and covering every race
  • Class specific Tips for Mages, Druids, Priests, Hunters, Paladins, Rouges, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors with more being added
  • Free gold, character class guides plus any updated tweaks to the guide

It can safely be said that you will not find a better guide on the market that has been proven to deliver results for powerleveling an Alliance character super fast other than Brian Kopp’s 1-85 Alliance Leveling Guide! 

Valkor’s Gold Making Guide

While Horde and Alliance leveling manuals guides you how to level up super fast, they doesn’t include much gold making tips. 

But if you want to know the 100% legal tricks to make 200 gold an hour or more in World of Warcraft you need Valkor’s Gold Making Guide. Discover how Valkor makes crazy amounts of gold with hardly any work. 

This Guide is available with 108 pages in overall that offers solid information and unique cash creating strategies. Valkor’s Gold Making Guide lets you know about all professions, and irrespective of the type of profession you are in, you are able to maximize the gold making

If you aren’t making a lot of gold in world of warcraft, then you’re missing out on a LOT in this game, there’s so many weapons and armor in the AH, that you could be upgrading to if you had the gold. So stop wanting the gold and finally do something about it. 

WoW Gold Secrets Cataclysm Guide

If you’re sick and tired of running around totally broke or looking to get your epic mounts and the most expensive gears, then this guide is for you. 

Prepare to master the art of WoW gold mining and make 60 or more Gold per Hour with this Cash Making Guide!

All techniques described in this guide can be easily completed by a solo player and contain very original ideas for lucrative profits

Uncover the secrets to Effortlessly make hundreds of gold in a single day and turn your experience and professions into profits today with this comprehensive WoW Cash Making Guide!